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2010 Comptroller Screening Questionnaire

Please save as a Word document, complete & return by e-mail to: president @ by June 9, 2010.

Candidate Name: _____________________________________

Contact Person: ______________________________________

If there is a Campaign office(s) is it wheelchair accessible?

Campaign Address: _____________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________________

Fax: ____________________________________________

Email: __________________________________________

Website: _________________________________________










  1. How have you incorporated people with disabilities into your campaign?



  2. If there is a Campaign office(s) is it wheelchair accessible?



  3. What personal and professional experience have you had with people with disabilities in your personal life and in the workplace?



  4. What type of jobs would you be willing to hire and to provide reasonable accommodation (e.g. flex or part time) for staff members with disabilities?



  5. While in public office and/or prior to this campaign, what have you accomplished in regard to advancing disability rights? This can include work towards accessible housing, transportation, employment, health care, education, and including people with disabilities in the political process?



  6. Will you commit to only attend and/or sponsor events that are accessible to people with disabilities including providing written materials in alternate formats, providing assistive listening systems, and sign language interpreters, as well as ensuring that locations are accessible to people who use mobility aids, like wheelchairs and walkers?



  7. Do you pledge to use your office to affirm or strengthen, rather than weaken, civil rights protections to persons with disabilities?



  8. How do you propose your active involvement/availability to the disability community?



    1. Will there be a specific person in your office responsible to this community?



    2. Will have regular office agenda meetings on these issues?



    3. What would you do to have direct contact with our community?



  9. How will you work closely with the disability community to assure passage of vitally needed legislation? What will be your strategy?



  10. If you are an incumbent,



    1. Is your office accessible to persons with disabilities? If not, If not, what have you done to rectify the inaccessibility? When do you intent to find an accessible office?



    2. What oversight have you performed regarding implementation of programs/legislation passed previously?



  11. If you are not an incumbent,



    1. Is your present office/work place accessible to people with disabilities? If not, what have you done to rectify the inaccessibility?



    2. If the present district office is inaccessible, do you intent to find an accessible office?



  12. Persons with disabilities have historically been under-represented within the Democratic Party leadership. According to the 2000 census, persons with disabilities comprised 20.6% of all residents in New York State and 23.1% of population 18 years and older. Previously, we were told that only those groups included in the Voting Rights Act were included in the goals and timetables for delegate selection. Yet the lesbian and gay communities were included for the first time at the 2000 convention and again at the 2004 convention. Would you support a campaign to set a goal that 10% of the total New York State Delegation to the 2008 Democratic National Convention be comprised of persons with disabilities?





Date: ______________________