photo of Inez E. Dickens2016 Questionnaire response from:
Inez E. Dickens, candidate for State Assembly (70th State Assembly District, Manhattan)

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Candidate Name: Inez E. Dickens

Candidate for State Assembly District: 70 (Manhattan)

Is your campaign accessible? Yes


Endorsements: West Harlem Dems Club, Stonewall Democratic Club, Martin L. King Democ Club, Uptown Dems, Fred Samuels Independent Dems, Congressman Charles Rangel, Assemblymembers Keith Wright and Denny Farrell, Council Member Mark Levine, LIST IN FORMATION AND GROWING



  1. If you are an incumbent, are your offices accessible to persons with disabilities? If not, what have you done to rectify the inaccessibility? If you are not an incumbent, If the present offices are inaccessible, do you intent to find an accessible office?


    I am not an incumbent Assemblymember but I am an incumbent New York City Councilmember and both my district offices and my legislative offices are accessible as is that of my current Assemblymember Wright


  2. What, if anything, have you accomplished in regard to advancing disability rights (e.g. accessible housing, transportation, employment, health care, education, and including people with disabilities in the political process?


    I recommended Martin Baez to the Congressional Political School in Washington, D.C.


  3. Will you commit to only attend and/or sponsor events that are accessible including providing materials in alternate formats, assistive listening systems, ASL and ensure locations are accessible?


    I do now.


  4. What personal and/or professional experience have you had with people with disabilities?


    Pat Fletcher Walls has been one of my best friends since childhood and now I am having walking difficulty due to Rheumatoid Arthritis.


  5. Are you willing to hire and provide reasonable accommodation (e.g. flex or part time) for staff members with disabilities?




  6. How will you work with our community to assure passage of vitally needed legislation to protect our rights?


    I work with you, Christine Curry and others now.


  7. Would you increase rental/housing subsidies to participants in the Nursing Facility Transition and Diversion Medicaid waiver program to help people with disabilities can afford to live in the community?




  8. New York State's Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage program (EPIC) only provides coverage to seniors. Would you support EPIC expansion to include younger disabled New Yorkers?




  9. The Fair Housing Act requires developers set aside a certain percentage of accessible units for persons with disabilities. Do you favor incorporating these provisions into New York State law so that DHCR can be empowered to enforce these provisions?




  10. Do you support legislation requiring taxis, car services, and all shuttle services to purchase wheelchair accessible vehicles or otherwise ensure that they have the capacity to serve persons with disabilities statewide?


    Yes. I was in a rehab center for two months unable to walk without a walker or wheelchair and I required an accessible taxi. Although I called in advance, often I had to wait several hours and several times when the accessible taxi came, it was not able to accommodate me because my right leg was in a cast from my hip down to my toes, unable to bend and the taxi could not roll me in the wheelchair with the extended leg.





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