2017 City Council Screening Questionnaire

Candidate Name: Bill Perkins
Council District #9

If there is a Campaign office(s), is it wheelchair accessible? YES

Campaign Address: 2005 7th Avenue, NYC, NY Website: www.BillPerkins.org


Political: Mayor Bill de Blasio, Assemblymembers Denny Farrell, Inez Dickens and Robert Rodriguez; Councilmembers Corey Johnson and Mark Levine; former Councilmember Robert Jackson and many more.

Community: Progressive Caucus Alliance, Planned Parenthood, Tenants PAC, Association of Social Workers, and many education, community and religious leaders

Labor: UFT, 32BJ, CWA and more to announce.

Action Shows Commitment!

  1. What have you accomplished in regard to advancing disability rights? This can include work towards accessible housing, transportation, employment, health care, education, and including people with disabilities in the political process?

The best indicator of what an elected official is going to do is to look at what they have done. As a community leader, State Senator and City Council leader, I have fought to knock down barriers and end discrimination, to advance equality, basic justice and fairness and been a strong and reliable friend to the disabled community.

I haven’t just talked about problems, but also taken action and gotten results. Now as we face primary opponents, I ask again for your support and active involvement in this re-election. Just as important, I want you to continue to work with me, providing ideas and suggestions, as I continue my work in the City Council.

Over the years, I have built a strong record on issues important to the disabled community. Here are some examples:

Additionally, my government office and campaign office are wheelchair accessible,

  1. Will you only attend / sponsor events that are accessible to people with disabilities (PWDs including providing written materials in alternate formats, providing assistive listening systems, and sign language interpreters as well as ensuring that locations are physically accessible? Events that I host will be accessible to people with disabilities, and I will urge hosts of events that I attend to also meet this standard .

  2. Local Law 28 requires City department and agency “advertising and other materials pertaining to public events to include information regarding accessibility for people with disabilities” but it does not include elected officials or Community Boards. Do you believe the law should be amended to include electeds and Community Boards? In the absence of an amendment to Local Law 28, would you voluntarily comply? Yes.