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photo of Elizabeth S. Crowley2008 Questionnaire response from:
Elizabeth S. Crowley, candidate for City Council (30th City Council District, Queens)

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Candidate Name: Elizabeth S. Crowley

Candidate for City Council District: 30 (Queens)


Campaign Name: Elizabeth Crowley for City Council

Campaign Address: 8000 Cooper Avenue, Suite 8208 - Glendale, NY 11385

If you have a campaign office, is it wheelchair accessible? Yes, it is accessible

Campaign Manager: Alyson Grant

Phone: 718 - 326 - 2194

Fax: 718 - 326 - 2817

Email: ecrowley08 @



Key endorsements:

Community organizations:

  • Queens Democratic Party Organization
  • Working Families Party
  • League of Humane Voters
  • Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club of Queens

Political leaders:

  • Congressman Joseph Crowley
  • Congressman Anthony Weiner
  • Assemblywoman Margaret Markey
  • Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan
  • Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi
  • Councilman Joseph Addabbo
  • Councilman Eric Gioia
  • Former Mayor Ed Koch


  • NYS Laborers'
  • Central Labor Committee
  • Sheet metal workers
  • Uniformed Fire Officers Association
  • UFT
  • Public Employees Federation
  • Commission of School Supervisors & Administrators
  • NYHTC - Local 6
  • UNITE Here
  • 32BJ
  • SEIU 1199
  • United Auto Workers
  • UFCW
  • Police Captains (CEA)



  1. Action Shows Commitment!


    • While in public office/prior to this campaign, what have you accomplished in regard to advancing disability rights? This can include work towards accessible housing, transportation, employment, health care, education, and including people with disabilities in the political process?


      I have worked at the Consortium for Worker Education for the past six years. CWE runs programs related to employment, training and educational services, and we have worked with organizations that employ people with disabilities.


    • Will you commit to only attend and/or sponsor events that are accessible to people with disabilities (PWDs) including providing written materials in alternate formats, providing assistive listening systems, and sign language interpreters as well as ensuring that locations are physically accessible?





  2. General Questions:


    • What personal and professional experience have you had with people with disabilities in your personal life and in the workplace?


      The home I grew up in, at 83-34 58th Avenue, was bought by the organization Unique People Services and named the Walter H. Crowley House for Disabled Adults. I am glad that people with disabilities are able to enjoy the home in which I spent my formative years.


    • Are you willing to hire and to provide reasonable accommodation (e.g. flex or part time) for staff members with disabilities?


      Yes, I am willing to hire and provide reasonable accommodation for staff members with disabilities, including flexibility with their work schedules.


    • How will you work closely with the disability community to assure passage of vitally needed legislation through the City Council? What is your strategy during your first term?


      As a Council member, I will utilize my pre-existing relationships with Council leadership to work together to pass necessary legislation that will benefit people with disabilities.



  3. Housing


    • What is your position on the development of supported apartments/homes and retirement homes for the mentally and/or physically disabled in your borough?


      It is important that new developments have adequate facilities to accommodate those residents with disabilities, as well as a certain percentage set aside for those individuals.


    • What is your position on increasing the Disabled Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE) income eligibility requirements to the same as the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE)? At present, DRIE is capped at $18,396/single and $26,460/couple. SCRIE is capped at $27,000/household income?


      The Disabled Rent Increase Exemption is an important policy initiative, and the DRIE should be commensurate to the SCRIE cap.


    • New York City recently adopted a new building code. How would you advocate for the strongest possible access and enforcement provisions?


      I will work with the Department of Buildings to ensure there is adequate enforcement of building code so that people with disabilities do not feel uncomfortable in their homes, in the place where they should feel most secure.


    • Emergency evacuation for PWDs to ensure that provisions are put in place to improve survival rates of PWDs in the event of fire, attack, blackout, or other emergency situation?


      It is vital that in the event of emergency PWDs have a safe, quick, and accessible egress from the building. I will work closely with the Department of Buildings to accomplish this goal.


    • What would you do to ensure that "Visitability" is enacted in New York City? Visitability sets guidelines to ensure newly constructed multi-family dwellings have basic accessible/adaptable features to permit people with disabilities to visit, and for residents to "age in place," without having to move out when age and/or disability set in.


      New development should be constructed in a way that is accessible/adaptable to permit people with disabilities to visit.



  4. Transportation


    • Will you support an expansion of affordable wheelchair accessible transportation in NYC, including taxis, livery service, express buses, and shuttles, more accessible subway stations, etc.?


      Yes, I support an expansion of affordable wheelchair accessible transportation in NYC.


    • Efforts to secure a 100% accessible fleet of medallion taxis have been hampered by opposition from Mayor Bloomberg and the taxi industry. The current emphasis is on creating a 100% "green" fleet. What would you do to assure that taxis and community car service vehicles are both "green" and universally designed for wheelchair access?


      I support efforts to make the taxi fleet greener as well as accessible to people with disabilities, and will work to ensure these initiatives are implemented as soon as possible.


    • Access-A-Ride (AAR) users experience unnecessarily long trips, causing workers to be late for work, have their pay docked and possibly losing their jobs. AAR leaves consumers stranded, lies that a vehicle is coming and penalized riders as a "no-show" when the vehicle never arrived. Riders who complain report they are subject to retaliation. What would you do to improve the quality of service for those who must use AAR?


      I will work to improve the quality of service of AAR by advocating for improved customer service by New York City Transit, which runs the AAR program. Individuals should not be inconvenienced due to the tardiness of AAR.



  5. Civil Rights

    Do you pledge to use your office to affirm or strengthen, rather than weaken, civil rights protections for persons with disabilities?


    As a City Council member, I will work to affirm and strengthen the civil rights protections for persons with disabilities. I am dedicated to protecting the rights of all individuals.



  6. Community Board


    • Do you support requiring all Community Board meeting and function to be accessible, including requiring sign language interpreters and large print format material?




    • How many people with disabilities have/will you appoint to your local Community Board?


      If elected to the Council, I will work tirelessly to ensure that our community boards reflect the needs and views of the communities it serves.


    • Will you support the "requirement" and implement, of a Disabled Committee on every Community Board?


      It is important that the concerns of PWDs are addressed at the Community Board level by a specific committee.



  7. Discretionary Funds

    Will you use your discretionary funds to support organizations serving PWDs or service organizations seeking to make their programs accessible to PWDs?




  8. Accessibility


    • Under Mayor Bloomberg, the City settled with the United Spinal Association and agreed to install Pedestrian ramps, on all corners which presently don't have one. However, no provision was made to repair and/or replace the current ones which are unsafe. How would you ensure that pedestrian ramps are provided or repaired? What would you establish as a timetable?


      I will work with the Department of Transportation to repair or replace the current corners that are unsafe. This should be expedited to ensure the safety of all individuals in NYC.


    • What steps do you think NYC should take to encourage business owners to make their establishments more accessible?


      No answer.


    • Do you believe that landmark buildings can be made accessible without losing their historical integrity?





  9. Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD)


    • Mayor Bloomberg elevated the Director of the MOPD to a Commissioner without any increase in budget or responsibilities. How would you ensure that city departments/agencies coordinate through MOPD?




    • How would you ensure that city departments/agencies coordinate through MOPD? What implementation/authority should MOPD have, and/or how would you ensure that MOPD have?


      MOPD should have the authority to coordinate programs that impact people with disabilities.


    • Since presumably "this" office is a Mayoral Office, how would you enforce and do oversight regarding the work of the office and be certain of the implementation and its efforts?


      I would join with my colleagues to oversee the MOPD, as the Council has oversight over all mayoral offices.


Date: May 19, 2008


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For other candidates running for City Council positions, go to the Questionnaires section



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